Cure for Mesothelioma?

Do you think mesothelioma is still incurable? Well, you may be wrong for many doctors and specialists are working for the development of the cure for mesothelioma. There are many treatments that medical specialists use to treat mesothelioma despite the absence of an intensive treatment for it. A combination of treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy may be suitable for a person with mesothelioma. Alternative therapies such as massage and trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or tens is also preferred to lessen pain. Surgery is thus recommended to remove as much of the cancer as possible. It is best to use with chemotherapy so that cancerous cell division can be hindered easily. The goal is to find the cancer and treat it the best way possible in order for the patient to positively respond to the treatment.

Mesothelioma clinical trials are carried out to test the treatments and medications before releasing them to the greater public as a safe and effective treatment. An extensive testing of new drugs is done through the three stages of clinical trials to ensure the right dosage of the drugs and their effectiveness. Participating in a clinical trial requires qualifications met for the study. Moreover, clinical trials are in an important search for a cure to mesothelioma.

Often, people get discouraged if the diagnosis has negative outcomes. However, a great number of patients still survive much longer than their first diagnosis. Diagnosis actually takes time because symptoms of the disease only become visible between the ages of 20 to 50 years, making the cancer develop and mature in the body. One possible test called the Mesomarkblood test can also help mesothelioma patients in receiving the perfect treatment at earlier stages of cancer. The most important thing is have an early prognosis in order to improve the condition of the patient early as well.

Moreover, many mesothelioma patients also survived for several years with the help of therapy that improves their immune system. Also, clinical trials in immunology and other alternative therapies in relation to improving the immune system also have encouraging results.

The best way to battle with mesothelioma is equipping the body with nutritious foods as possible fuel for the immune system. These balanced diet foods such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains will help cure and fight a disease.

Patients with mesothelioma undergo many treatments and they may contain extra health concerns. Some treatments may have side effects including nausea and diarrhea. Because mild flavored foods are difficult to digest during treatment, weakening may occur. To be able to survive this constipation, patients should eat many amounts of fiber such as apples, broccoli and oatmeal. Protein foods such as beans, egg whites, lean meats and milk are important to include in their diet daily. Also, therapies such as radiation therapy may also cause side effects like loss of appetite and vomiting. Thus, nutritious foods with healthy calories must be taken up by the body to recharge. Other ways is to limit the amount of salt, alcohol, caffeine and talking to a doctor or nutritionist for advice regarding proper nutrition and recommended foods to eat and avoid.

Medical treatments such as surgery and therapy may be very effective and helpful in treating mesothelioma. But always remember that surgeries and therapies may still not work without a healthy diet.